3 Resume Building Tools to Help Brand Yourself and Get a Job

Your resume is your first contact with recruiters; this is why it should be made to attract them. Recruiters receive a lot of resumes for each vacancy – a lot doesn’t actually cover it, on average 250 resumes are received for each position – so it stands to reason that recruiters will only grant each resume as little time as possible for the first stage. In fact, recruiters have been said to spend six seconds on average looking at each resume. This pretty much means that if your resume is too long or too short, it will get thrown out without a second’s thought or if your resume is not straightforward and it’s too hard to read it will also get thrown out. And that’s just the beginning.

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Recruiters are interested to see if you are the right person for the job, which means that it’s essential that every time you send out your resume you take the time to customize it to fit the needs of the position you are after. For example, if you are applying for a marketing position and you’ve once worked as a part-time teacher assistant, it’s not necessary to include that on your resume. Try to stick to the job description, pick out the keywords and then include those keywords on your resume.

That doesn’t mean that you need to start from scratch each time; you don’t need to download a template and rewrite your resume each time you want to send a job application to a company. Keep your resume online and simply edit it each time you need to send a new job application. In fact, online resumes are the future. They are more interactive, and they can engage a recruiter for longer. After all, we are all so used to working on our computers and our smart devices, that it just doesn’t make sense to expect a printed black and white resume. That’s why there are lots of online tools that can help you build your resume and brand yourself to get a job.

We’ve selected the top three resume building tools below:

1. LinkedIn Resume Builder

If there’s one social media platform that will help you get a job, it’s LinkedIn. According to a CareerEnglightment survey up to 80 percent of companies use LinkedIn to find talent. So, as you see, LinkedIn has the prestige as well as the trust of recruiters, it only makes sense to use their resume builder tool to help you with your resume.

What’s great about this tool is that it’s easy to use, especially if you already have an account with LinkedIn; you simply need to select the template you like and it automatically fetches your information from your LinkedIn profile. After you’ve edited your resume, you can either print it out, or you can use the link it provides you with to share your resume online.

2. Easelly

If you are in a more creative profession, and you think a traditional resume just won’t cut it, you can use Easelly to create your own infographic resume. Over two million infographics have been created with this tool, and an infographic resume is bound to attract the attention that you need.

Easelly provides you with a ready-made template that you can customize to your needs –you can drag and drop anything, change colours, font sizes and more. An infographic resume will make the recruiter interested in reading what you have to say, but remember to only use it if this sort of creativity is encouraged in your industry.

3. CV Maker

CV Maker is an extremely popular resume building tool as it can help you create fantastic resumes. Its design is very straightforward; all you need to do is fill in the blanks as you go. You can then rearrange items and it’s fully customizable.

This tool is ideal as it’s simple, free and it provides you with the option to both download and save your resume online.

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Resume building has been made easier with these tools and they are here to stay. Make sure you choose the tool that fits you best and create your resume today.

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