Bizarre News Of The Day Caught On Tape! After Causing A 6 Car Pileup Man Flees Scene On Foot STARK NAKED

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After having woven a path of vehicular destruction and injury naked Tracy Martin fled on foot for a mile down a busy highway before a trooper finally caught up with him.

( A day after a seven-vehicle crash on Interstate 71 at the Montgomery-Blue Ash border hospitalized six people, including a naked man who fled, witnesses are calling the incident one of the most bizarre and chilling things they have ever seen.

Officials said around 6 p.m. Wednesday Tracy Martin, 44, was driving a pickup on the shoulder of southbound I-71 when he first sideswiped four cars. He then rear-ended a Mercedes, causing it to spin out of control, according to the Ohio State Highway Patrol. Martins truck ended up striking a median wall, which caused it to overturn on top of a Jeep.

Drug usage is suspected of being a factor in the crash, patrol officials said.

By Thursday evening, only Martin and the passenger of the Jeep remained in area hospitals. The other occupants of the vehicles, including the driver of the Jeep, involved in the accident had all be released after treatment, officials said.

It was just the most bizarre thing I had ever seen, said Mindy Banks, who was in a car traveling northbound on I-71 at the time. I was videotaping when they Tased the man right outside my car. The Taser did not faze him.

Officials said that a trooper caught up with Martin about a mile south of the crash and took him into custody with help from an off-duty Hamilton County sheriffs deputy.

I saw the officer pull out his night stick and hit him three or four times, Banks said. That didnt faze him either. The officer and another driver eventually were able to get him under control.

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Raw video of the trooper chasing naked culprit Tracy Martin down the highway.

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