CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Kansas Police Officer Goes on Profanity Filled Meltdown, Threatens Man With Jail Time for Asking a Simple Question (VIDEO)

A Harper County (Kansas) Sheriff Deputy is in hot water for being caught on camera doing a disservice to law enforcement officers across America. The officer was on a call about a stolen TV, of which the suspect allegedly admitted to, and a man familiar with the situation asked the officer why he didnt arrest her.

His reward for the question wasnt an answer, sadly. Although the officer is not necessarily obligated to provide one. Instead of an answer the officer went on a profanity filled meltdown and threatened to throw the man in jail.

For the record, here is what the Harper County Sheriffs department mission is.

To provide quality law enforcement for all the residents in Harper County in a caring, courteous, and professional manner.

Watch the video below and see if you think this officer is following their state mission. The Departments response is below the video.


The department released the following statement.

I would like to take this opportunity to address the video of the Harper County Sheriff Deputy this morning. This was an unfortunate incident that needed to be immediately addressed. We at the Sheriff Department have taken actions to rectify this situation, and are taking all necessary steps to ensure that this doesnt occur again. We are in the process of implementing a policy and procedure with an acceptable way of dealing with individuals that are recording our law enforcement officers while they are performing their duties. We are also searching for training for all of our officers and how to react in these situations, this is all in the spirit of striving to provide the best possible service to the citizens of Harper County. All of our residents expect and deserve the best possible service, our office fell short in that aspect today, this is a shortfall that we greatly wish to rectify. The deputy in question acted inappropriately and I have dealt with those issues as quickly and effectively as was possible, having said that I have the utmost confidence in him moving forward from here. Though his actions may not have been appropriate his response to this situation has been exceptional, he has taken responsibility and owned up to his part in this situation. Please know that any and all citizens are important to me and my department, if anyone has any concerns or questions, I implore you to please contact me by coming by the Sheriff Department or by calling 620-842-5135.

Tracy Chance, Harper County Sheriff

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Kansas Police Officer Goes on Profanity Filled Meltdown, Threatens Man With Jail Time for Asking a Simple Question (VIDEO) | admin | 4.5