#FedExPrisoner: Man Posts Hilarious Tweets After Getting Locked In A Closed FedEx Office Store For 2 Hours

After a long day at a CrossFit competition, Chris Galvan decided to run down to a San Antonio FedEx store to see if he could print up a few flyers and brochures for the next days event. Galvan who admits he walked into the store a few moments before their 9 pm closing time was shocked when he walked up to the counter to have his flyers printed only to discover he was alone in the store.

Realizing it was about to be a long night, Galvan took out his cellphone and began to share his experience in a hilarious way on Twitter.

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He didnt think twice about getting there so late since he didnt expect to be in there for long, but Galvan soon found out that he underestimated the time that it would take. When he went up to the counter to have one of the employees print the papers, no one was there.

The store had already closed and its employees had already left apparently forgetting that one customer was still inside.

But Galvan didnt panic.

I knew I had to pass the time and I was delirious so I started taking videos, jumping jacks and sleeping and walking around doing funny stuff, Galvan told WFAA-TV.

Galvan posted the photos and videos to one of his social media accounts, which now tells the story of one trip to the FedEx store he wont soon forget.

Galvan eventually used his cellphone to call another store that was open. Employees there were able to get in touch with the stores manager who then came and let him out at around 11:30 p.m. more than two hours after he first got there.

Once he got out, Galvan headed over to the same store that he called for help to finish the job he tried to start hours earlier. And if there was one good thing to come from it all, it was that Galvan didnt have to pay anything for his copies.

Monday a FedEx spokesperson told the Blaze that We take this issue very seriously and sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this caused our customer. We are investigating the situation and will take any necessary corrective action.

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