Malaysian Malay Group Were Protected by 2 Dogs During Their Hike In Gunung Nuang

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It’s known that Muslims are forbidden to physically come in contact with canines, however it doesn’t mean that they dislike a man’s best friend. On the contrary, there are many that love dogs and in this extraordinary case, where a group of friends went to hike Gunung Naung, two dogs that lived in the forest astonished Malaysians when they decided to take care of the group of people.

Firdaus Hisham recently shared his enchanting tale of his experience with man’s best friend.

His post writes:

“Looks like there were a lot of people who asked about the two dogs that were following us throughout our hike in Gunung Nuang. I’ve named them Johnny and Tonny.

At the start, we were a little afraid that they would bite us or lick our feet. In case we’d suffer from an infection. But the two dogs only followed us. Even though we broke up into 2 groups, Johnny will be in front while Tonny follows from behind.

Throughout the journey, they protected us. When monkeys and other creatures were making noise in the jungle, Johnny will bark at them and make them shut up. Sometimes Tonny will suddenly bark at things that we couldn’t see with our own eyes (spirits). Especially after we were walking along one of the paths and there’s a sudden fragrant smell (indicating there’s supernatural beings).

When we almost got bitten by wild dogs, Tonny barked loudly and those dogs didn’t dare come near us anymore.

We did not touch Johnny nor Tonny. We only fed them as a sign of gratitude for taking care of us. Maybe, they are the care takers of the place.

Alhamdulillah Allah has sent these two dogs for us. If not, we don’t know what would have happened to us.”

Malaysian Malay Group Were Protected by 2 Dogs During Their Hike In Gunung Nuang | admin | 4.5