Meet The Whirlwind Extreme Thrill Ride of the Future! (VIDEO)

ABC Engineering, a company located in Switzerland, will soon release an extreme ride that promises to change the game when it comes to thrills at an amusement park. The ride, called The Whirlwind or Tourbillion, adds a few new twists to a similar ride weve seen at fairs and theme parks for years.

The one were all familiar with is a pendulum-style spinner ride with a variety of different names depending on where its located. Its now a common ride at virtually every state fair and theme park across the United States.

King Chaos

The Tourbillion takes this ride and places it inside two new angles of 360 degree rotation. Meaning, the entire structure is spinning you 3 different ways at all times. This vs the two you see with the traditional spinner.

The ride is only in testing stage but ABC Engineering has released a video of live testing.

Would you ride this?

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