OUTRAGEOUS VIDEO: Florida Cop Harasses Disabled Vet for Not Looking Handicap Enough to Park in Disabled Parking Space

Isiah James, a U.S. Army Veteran that served his country for nearly 10 years was absolutely shocked when a trip to Walgreens turned into a heated confrontation with the law, all over a disabled parking space.

After surviving two tours of duty in Iraq and one in Afghanistan, James acquired numerous injuries that impact his daily life. From extensive damage to his ankles and knees, as well as permanent damage to his lungs, James is considered legally disabled and states that he has a stack of medical records the size of the bible.

According to James, the sickening incident occurred in Riviera Beach, FL while he was on vacation visiting his father. During the trip, James drove his father who is unable to drive to a local Walgreens and legally parked his vehicle (with disabled sticker visible) in a disabled parking space. As James and his father entered the store, he alleges that Riviera Beach Police Officer G. Wilson had decided that since the two men were walking, they should not be parked in the reserved space and came into the store to confront them.

While recounting the incident to PINAC, James stated that Officer Wilson approached the men seconds before they were able to check out and demanded that they leave the store immediately. Once outside James alleges that Wilson became extremely belligerent and violent.

Knowing the situation was quickly going down hill, James began recording and captured much of the incident on video.

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He couldve been a doctor, or Dougie Houser, it wouldnt matter. The tag was displayed legally. I wasnt bothering anybody, I dont understand why I was bothered and assaulted said James.

… it makes little sense since James rapidly displayed his identification and multiple forms of identification proving his right to a handicap space…

Florida law gives no leeway to police to decide who deserves a handicap sticker for their car, just to enforce the law when someone parks handicap without one.

Im sure this Florida cop regrets his reaction to a few angry words now that James is going to file an Internal Affairs complaint, which will likely grow into a lawsuit.

I was an infantryman. We have a right to curse. said James Im not going to sit idly by while being screwed.


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