Samsung washing machines are ‘exploding’ too

NEW JERSEY (Web Desk) – Reeling from a smartphone recall, Samsung is now facing a lawsuit over ‘exploding’ washing machines in the United States and the company has admitted that affected appliances could cause injury or property damage “in rare cases”.


A class-action lawsuit filed in New Jersey is alleging some Samsung top-loading washing machines have exploded in their owners’ homes.

“It was the loudest sound. It sounded like a bomb went off in my ear,” said Melissa Thaxton, one of the plaintiffs in the class action lawsuit. “There were wires, nuts, the cover actually was laying on the floor. I just remember covering my head and leaning towards my son and just screaming this scream that I didn’t even know I could scream.”

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission said (CPSC) and Samsung confirmed the they were working together to address the safety concerns.

In a statement, Samsung said: “In rare cases, affected units may experience abnormal vibrations that could pose a risk of personal injury or property damage when washing bedding, bulky or water-resistant items.”

The electronics giant has already recalled millions of Galaxy Note 7 smartphones following numerous complaints of battery explosions.

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