Strange Robbery Leads to Increased Macaroni Salad Sales at Build-A-Burger

A strange crime that sounds more like a plot for a TV comedy has the restaurant Build-A-Burger laughing all the way to the bank and cashing in on free publicity. The boost in sales comes after a trio of thieves in upstate New york were captured by law enforcement officers that followed a trail of stolen the restaurants famed macaroni salad.

Since the heist, Build-A-Burger has changed their sign to read Best burgers & mac salad worth stealing for however the mother of one of the suspects does not believe this is a laughing matter. Amy Bailey, the mother of 23-year-old suspect Timothy Walker believes that restaurant is unfairly exploiting her sons addiction to heroin and that the sign should be changed.

Via ABC13

Mt. Morris, N.Y. The mother of a man accused of burglarizing a local restaurant and stealing macaroni salad, along with a cash register, is speaking out.

Hes not okay, Bailey said. Hes in jail and he has a disease. Bailey says her son recently moved back to Mt. Morris after spending some time in Idaho, and that hes struggled with various addictions and disorders for years.

The story has gained international attention, and Build-A-Burger has found itself in the spotlight with booming sales of macaroni salad as a result.

That really tore at me, she said. I dont understand how he is supposed to get better if we dont work together. Deputies were called to a burglary at Build-A-Burger in Mt. Morris around 6:30 a.m. on Mothers Day. The owner reported a surveillance system and cash register stolen.

The Livingston County Sheriffs Office said a trail of macaroni salad helped them find the suspects.

To laugh or not laugh to laugh… That is the question.

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