The Beginner’s Guide To Finding A Job With Twitter

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Twitter is one of the original social media platforms. It was originally designed for people to post updates about their lives and the world in general in the form of short pieces of text. Even though we have argued in previous articles how the use of Twitter can actually harm your job search and that it is not a professional networking platform (see LinkedIn), there are a few ways to effectively build your network and create job search magic! Twitter is a great system that helps you build and expand your personal brand by demonstrating your professionalism.

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The important bit here is to keep all your activity feed strictly professional. If you can’t keep your personal profile serious or if it’s already too late for that, then you can set up another account that reflects your professional life for job search purposes.

If you want to find a job using Twitter, then the following guide will help you achieve all your job searching goals:

1. Sign up

First of all, you can’t properly use Twitter without an account. Create one using the email address you would use for job hunting and use a username that’s either your first name and profession or just your full name as you would on LinkedIn.

2. Don’t Follow Friends

As soon as you sign up, Twitter will ask you to follow all your friends based on your email contacts; don’t fall into this trap. Before telling people that you’re using Twitter make sure to have a complete profile.

3. Use Short Links

When you want to share links on your Twitter profile, it is better to use services like that shorten your URLs, let you share and also measure analytics (how many people click your link). This way you will make it easier for people to click on your links and you can measure which links actually have an effect on people, too.

4. Tweet Tweet

Now, before you even have any followers or start to reach out to people make sure to write a couple of messages to set the right tone for your profile and give them a glimpse of what they will be able to see if they do follow you in the future. But don’t just stop there; you need to keep tweeting smart, catchy and professional messages every hour while you gradually expand your network.

Ensure that what you are tweeting is not pointless, rude or plain boring if you want to be someone worth following. You could post tips, resource links, news or updates about your industry and answer any upcoming questions as quickly as possible.


Now that you have a complete profile you need to gain some momentum in getting people to follow you fast. You can use Twitter’s tool “Find People” and invite your contacts to follow you back and raise that counter.

If you want to have a professional account and use it for job searching, don’t forget to follow a number of influencers and professionals in your industry and organize them into Twitter lists. Also make sure to browse the directories of potential employers on Twellow and that’s half the job done for you.

6. Followers With Job Offers



It’s important to also find people who could just give you a job offer via Twitter; just go on TwitterSearch and look for people who have recently tweeted about relevant job offers; who knows, maybe they can tweet a job for you in the future. Take a good look at the keywords or hashtags they have been using so you can search them, too.

7. The Best Time of Day

Twitter isn’t just about tweeting or updating your profile for others to see. It is also about people having lengthy discussions and helping each other out. Notice the different time zones of your followers and try to catch them on an ideal time for them to reply back to your tweets to keep the conversation going.

8. Tweet About Your Job Search

Sometimes it is difficult to do all the hard work on your own; just let your Twitter followers know that you are currently searching for a job. By regularly reminding your followers that you are still actively searching you might either get a job offer or at least some tips on how to improve your job search techniques; you can even get referrals! Don’t be shy; let them know that you are a professional who is in need of a job!

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Do you have any other Twitter tips for our readers? Let us know in the comments section below.

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