Then vs Meow: How Technology Has Changed Cats’ Lives (15 Pics)


Smart phones. Computers. Flat screen TV. The internet. Few people can live without them, and those that can are generally branded weird, anti-social, or subversive. “But how has the feline world responded to the emergence of the modern technological revolution?” I hear you cry! Well, with a great deal of confusion it seems.

The proof can be found in this revealing before and after compiled series. As you can see from these pictures, cats have no idea what to believe anymore. Is a mouse an animal or a computer accessory? Is a ball of yarn actually a tangled bunch of cables? Is a radiator the same as a laptop adapter? Are those birds on TV real? Modern technology might be useful to humans but it’s turning cats into psychological wrecks. Just take a look below to see what we mean. (H/T: Bored Panda)

01. Sitting On TV

AD-Then-Now-How-Technology-Has-Changed-Cats-Lives-01Anna Pavlova

02. Intruding Human Personal Space

AD-Then-Now-How-Technology-Has-Changed-Cats-Lives-02Peter Lynn, Plush

03. Getting Warm

AD-Then-Now-How-Technology-Has-Changed-Cats-Lives-03Madaise, IvanPaw-lov

04. Hunting

AD-Then-Now-How-Technology-Has-Changed-Cats-Lives-04Budimir Jevtic

05. Getting Tangled

AD-Then-Now-How-Technology-Has-Changed-Cats-Lives-05Source, Rose Pedal

06. Bird Watching



07. Fishing

AD-Then-Now-How-Technology-Has-Changed-Cats-Lives-07Source, Gary J. Wood

08. Catception



09. Dating

AD-Then-Now-How-Technology-Has-Changed-Cats-Lives-09Cat CATastrophes

10. Playing

AD-Then-Now-How-Technology-Has-Changed-Cats-Lives-10Trianons Oficial

11. Running

AD-Then-Now-How-Technology-Has-Changed-Cats-Lives-11Sari ONeal,One Fast Cat

12. Housing

AD-Then-Now-How-Technology-Has-Changed-Cats-Lives-12Sudsington,Liz Buckley

13. Taking Photos With My Hooman

AD-Then-Now-How-Technology-Has-Changed-Cats-Lives-13Madison Iseman, Tamarahektor

14. Playing

AD-Then-Now-How-Technology-Has-Changed-Cats-Lives-14Source, Michael Nagle

15. Bird Watching

AD-Then-Now-How-Technology-Has-Changed-Cats-Lives-15The Creative Cat, Imgur

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