UNREAL: Killer Whale Playfully Shows Off for Yellow Lab (VIDEO)

The Butler family had a once in a lifetime experience Sunday after an adult female Orca whale spotted their yellow lab aptly named Sailor. As owners Kate and Jaycee Butler watched in disbelief, the playful female killer whale female turned over splashing water at the confused pooch.

Via GrindTV

But the real connection appears to have been with the Butlers dog, a yellow lab named Sailor, who wagged his tail and seemed as intrigued by this strange beast in his midst as the orca seemed by his presence at the bow of the Butlers 22-foot boat.

He didnt bark throughout this whole encounter, and Sailor barks at everything, Kate Butler said. He was so excited that when we got off the boat he peed for 10 minutes.

It was a phenomenal super-pod day in general for whale watchers at the San Juan Islands off Washington, as members of all three Southern Resident pods had gathered to feed and frolic. (Southern Resident killer whales feed excessively on salmon.)

Watch below:

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