VIRAL VIDEO: Journalist Mark Dice Ignites Fear in Russia Over Prank Petition to Nuke Russia

American journalist Mark Dice is well known for his controversial prank videos exposing the terrifying ignorance of what he refers to as Obama zombies.

So what are Obama zombies exactly? Well, to put it bluntly… They are the diseased ilk poisoning this country like a weaponized virus, individuals that will quite literally agree to anything you put in front of them as long as you say it is to support Barack Obama.

Case in point Dices 2013 social experiment when he asked California beachgoers to sign a petition supporting Obamas plan to repeal the Bill of Rights. If you are unfamiliar with this experiment, please watch it below.

Like Dices 2013 social experiment, he returned to the beautiful sunny utopia of California to once again ask Obama supporters to sign a petition… This time in support of preemptively nuking Russia to assert the United States as the worlds top superpower.

Terrifying right? Individuals signing anything in support of Barack Obama as long as it does not affect them directly. Well, one problem with this prank… Russian media outlets are just as foolish as Obama supporters and they are having a heart attack over this prank.

Via Vocativ

The video at the center of the nuclear fear-mongering features Americans allegedly signing a petition to annihilate Russia. Mark Dice, a conspiracy theorist and activist, produced the video. It shows him approaching passers-by in San Diego, asking them to support a plan by President Obama to nuke Russia in order to keep America the worlds leading superpower.

Russias state-run news agencies picked up the video as evidence of a potential threat., a federal television channel, posted a story with the headline, In the U.S., theyve started collecting signatures for a nuclear attack on Russia. Government-owned channel RT published stories as well, in Russian and on its U.S. English-language website. Abd state-run publication RIA Novosti declared: They silently signed. In the U.S. a blogger collected signatures for a nuclear attack on Russia. All the news coverage led ordinary Russians to talk about the video in droves. Thousands of links to local stories and posts popped up on VKontakte, Russias most prominent social media network.


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