What in the World is Going on With this Killer Legionnaires Disease Outbreak in New York?

Forgive me for being a little behind on this story. Im not a doctor, I know nothing about diseases and I have no idea how to dissect something like this. But here is what I do know… something is happening and its very bad.

We now have 81 confirmed cases of people infected with Legionnaires in New York. Seven of whom are now dead.

The South Bronx Legionnaires disease outbreak has now taken the lives of seven people, officials said Monday.

The total number of deaths was up from four reported as of late last week. The additional deaths were reported on Sunday to the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

All of those who died were older adults with underlying medical problems, the department said.

The total number of people infected by Legionnaires in the South Bronx has risen to 81, and the number hospitalized has risen to 64. A total of 28 of those 64 patients have been discharged.

The disease is not contagious. And from what I can find its relatively rare. It travels in water that is breathed in through the lungs. In the cases in New York, it appears, based on government reports, the water is getting into the air via rooftop air conditioning systems.

Heres my confusion on this. If it were one building on one block, I wouldnt have any question on the topic. But New York government admits the outbreak is happening in Highbridge, Morrisania, Hunts Point and Mott Haven. Thats not one building on one block.

So how is it that a disease like this is running wild in four different areas in New York at the same time?

Maybe there is a perfectly logical explanation and Im just not seeing it. But from my perspective something is odd here.

Am I missing something?

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