When Are You Going to Start Listening? When Will Truth be Truth to You? A Storm is Coming!

Some six months after the CIA Annex in Benghazi was burned to the ground with a dead U.S. Ambassador left in the ashes, LibertyNEWS.com explained, in great detail, how it was all a State Department gun running operation to ship Gaddafis arms to Islamic groups in Syria.

People called us loons. Until what we reported was later quietly confirmed in the back pages of mainstream media outlets… long after the truth mattered to them.

When we reported that Obamas administration essentially created and funded ISIS, people called us loons. Until it became next to impossible to dispute that hundreds of millions in cash, weapons and heavy military infrastructure were transferred into the control of what is now called ISIS.

When we visited the border of Mexico and proved that not only are the borders wide open, the U.S. government was actually helping people from south America illegally migrate into our nation and providing the path needed to make the stay permanent, people called us loons. We were called racists who are tin-foil hat bloggers who think Obama is deliberately trying to turn the U.S. into a third world nation.

Until, of course, mainstream media finally quietly admitted through its back pages that the federal government is indeed assisting in the invasion of our land by poor foreigners in South America.

We often post stories here and see comments claiming were not credible while pointing to Fox News, CNN or some other big media outlet as an example of what is legitimate. But not one of those outlets tell you the truth. They dont even try to tell you the truth. Until, of course, long after it matters.

Fox News, for example, constantly has people they deem intellectual on their panels who sit and spout the concept that Obama is ignorant, incompetent and naive. Essentially what they are claiming is that through poor leadership Obama is accidentally aiding our enemies and ignoring the will of the people.

Think about that for a minute. How can it not possibly occur to these intellects that maybe, just maybe Obama himself is an enemy of the state doing all of these things on purpose and with malicious intent?

I get that suggesting such is loaded and unpopular, but since when did journalism become something dictated by decisions that result in popular or politically correct outcomes?

Many of us are telling you exactly what is happening. As it happens. The mainstream media isnt. Time and again our stories play out to be 100% dead on, but we dont get credit because we get confirmed six months or more after we tell it.

Yet the mainstream media is often referenced as credible while were written off as loons cooking up conspiracy theories for click bait.

Dear America, when are you going to start listening? When will the truth be truth to you?

I hope to God it happens sooner rather than later. Because the truth suggests were headed for very, VERY dark times. And we had better wake up.

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