YUCK!!! Oregon Man Discovers Disgusting Addition to His Subway Footlong… You Have to See This

An Oregon man could not believe his eyes while ordering his Subway sandwich at Lincoln City location last Tuesday.

As Jay Armstead ordered his Italian sub and walked over to fill his beverage, he turned around to see the stores employees standing in complete disbelief staring at the sandwich. Armstead looked down to see what the employees were so perplexed by only to discover the disgusting addition of protein that had made its way into his sandwich.

It was unfortunate I was the lucky recipient, Armstead told local media outlet KGW-TV.

Armsteads friend Matt Jones who was also at the Subway quickly snapped the photo that is now making headlines. Its the funniest thing Ive ever seen, but its also the most disgusting thing Ive ever seen… I laughed because I was like, there is no way this just happened. Jones stated.

Ready for this?

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 1.40.14 PM

Image via Facebook/Matt Jones

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Cheryl Connell, director of the local health and human services, said that an investigation was ordered.

The investigation determined that the rodent problem did not come from inside the facility. It was probably in a bag of the bagged spinach product, not from the facility itself, Connell said. Everything was sanitized and cleaned properly afterwards.

Subway also released a statement noting that a full refund had been given.

To be cautious, all of the products in the sandwich unit were disposed of and a thorough cleaning took place, in which the Health Department gave the restaurant a clean bill of health, the Subway statement added. There were no other complaints made.

Armstead didnt take up the fast-food sandwich chain on its offer for a new item, but called the entire episode a freak accident.


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